Barren Islands GT Fishing


Join us on an epic fishing trip to the untouched Barren islands off Madagascar. This mostly uncharted territory is home to some the most pristine oceans in the world. This is a trophy hunter's paradise where you could get Huge Gt's and lots. It's a 7 or 11 night package.

Not many people are fortunate enough to visit and fish places like this. There are virtually no charts in this area, so on each trip wild new spots are being found. Be part of this adventure as we explore.


The Barren Isles are a remote cluster of 9 REMOTE ISLANDS in the Mozambique channel off the west coast of Madagascar. The nearest islands to shore are some 15 kilometers from the small coastal town of Maintirano. These nearest islands are no more than sand dunes a few hundred meters long, protected from disappearing beneath the surface by beautiful shallow reefs that absorb the erosive power of the sea's waves.

These reefs are the northern most tip of the barrier reef that extends 400 km down from this point around the southwestern coast of the country. The barrier reef takes a turn toward the west here with the result that the last of the Barren Isles are over 30 km from shore. These islands may be more substantial than the close isles, the largest perhaps a mile long with trees, vegetation and appreciable elevation from the tides, but they all lack fresh water making them a very challenging destination for all but the most determined travellers.

The reef structure here is incredible as the shallow drop-offs come out of areas that are hundreds of meters deep. Massive walls of reef coming out of deep water have meant that GT's are prolific and some have been landed in the 50kg range with only using a popper. This is something which is virtually unheard of!
One of the greatest assets to this trip is the proximity to the sites from the islands. No time is wasted each day travelling and maximum time is spent fishing. In our opinion a GT FISHING HAVEN.


Charters are scheduled between the months of April, May, June. Please enquire for scheduled dates and availability. The duration of the charter can either be 7 nights /8 days or 11 nights.

Flights are into Morondava (Collection Point) from Antananarivo - Madagascar. You will overnight in Antananarivo. The vessel sailing time is in the afternoon arriving the following morning, 80 nm travel. If you are having difficulty with flights, we have a 4x4 option to drive you in and out of our collection point from Antananarivo.


Available on request. All rates are quoted as a vessel rate per day.


We accept a date secure retainer of 25% to confirm your charter followed by 3 payments during the course of the year. You are welcome to setup with our office a payment option monthly towards your charter to ease cash flow-please speak to the office.


April - June


Below is a classic example of a 7 night 8 day cruise, to give you an idea of what to expect. However all our cruises are tailor made - it's your charter therefore it's tailored to suit your needs. So if your specific interest is Fishing with poppers the cruise will be amended for you!

So all you need to do is tell us what you are specifically looking to catch and our skippers will plan your itinerary for you!

7 nights / 8 days

Option 1 –Fishing Charter

Depart from Johannesburg for Antananarivo - Madagascar.
Overnight in Antanarivo. It is recommended that you stay at Hotel Au bois vert, as it is close (approx. 10 minutes) to the airport, and a shuttle to/from the hotel can arranged with the hotel. (This is not included in the charter price). OR you can get our 4x4 and travel a short way to our 1/2 way overnight stop. Enjoy the nightlife.

Depart for Morondava. On arrival, you will be transferred to the Yacht. Once aboard you will be welcomed with a briefing to follow. Set sail for the Barren Islands. Our waters only charge for the time on board and not your travel time, so expect and plan for 9 to 10 nights with 7 nights on board

Set sail to Barren Islands - Fish our secret spots along the way.

DAY 10
Arrive back in Morondava.

DAY 11
According to flight schedule transfer to the airport OR depart with 4x4 back to Antananarivo.


  • Please see general information tab above
  • 6x Trolling Rods with 50LB line and 2x 80LB Big Game Rods and Reels


  • Please see general information tab above


Most our groups target the 50+kg Kingfish- 40+ kg are common in this area.

Giants Ignoblis - Travelling to Madagascar is an experience and lots of fun at night whilst in the towns. Lots to see and offering serious fish to the keen angler.