We look forward to offering you Remote Trophy Ocean Fishing with - Island Charters

NOTE: Please send us an enquiry of the destination you are interested in and what time of the year you want to go. We will then within 24hrs send you a mail of the price and availability for the charter.

Please remember we now take bookings up to 24 months in advance due to the demand for these remote destinations. We have boats in Mozambique, Madagascar and Tanzania. We can cater to the most extreme fishing safaris.

Accommodation ashore: Arriving early. We can advise you regarding suitable accommodation to suite you budget. This cost is not included in the charter costs. 

Alcohol is excluded: All alcohol can be pre-ordered and paid for prior to departure. A 25% handling fee will be levied for the service. This alcohol is very limited to only what we can get from local suppliers in the port of the destination charter.

Boats: Pelagic II (Motor / Sailing) and Ocean Pirate (Power Cat).  We will advise you which vessel will be available for your charter, on enquiry.

Cancellations: All funds received are non-refundable. If we receive a deposit of 25% and not receive 25% 2 months later making up the Compulsory 50% Date securing deposit the charter will be cancelled. If we receive the date secure deposit and then the party does not follow through completely with making the full payment of the charter, the charter will be cancelled and the funds will not be refunded. If we are unable to go to the requested destination due to actions beyond our control, we will make alternative destinations available for your charter. UNFORSEEN SHORTNING of your charters may occur at the remote locations we take you too. Reasons could be Adverse Weather, Sea conditions, Special Actions, Government Actions or for Reasons not mentioned. You will not get a refund but the Captain will redirect your charter to another suitable area for the remaining time of your charter. If a medical emergency happens onboard and forces the vessel to return to get medical assistance you will be returned to the destination if possible. If there is time restraints getting the Party back to the original charter destination a reschedule of time will be offered for the balance of the charter time.  

Charter Ports of Departure:
  • Bazaruto \ Linene \ San Sebastian – Vilankulos (Mozambique)
  • Barren Islands – Morondava (Madagascar)
  • Lazarus Banks \ Quirimba’s – Pemba (Mozambique)
  • Premeira’s \ Pantaloon – Quilemane (Mozambique)
  • Madagascar – Nosy Be (Madagascar)
  • Zanzibar (Stone Town) or Dar Es Salaam

Charter Rates: All charters are sold on a vessel rate per night. You are welcome to come as groups of up to 6 persons on-board splitting the costs of the vessel rate. 

Clothing: On all the trips we advise you to bring at least 2 towels. Linen is provided. We prefer soft waterproof bags to suitcases and ask you to pack light - we are in the tropics, however winter is cool, pack accordingly. PLEASE NO HARD SUITCASES.

Departure / Arrival Dates: Dates supplied by the office is the date the vessel leaves on the charter, and the date the vessel returns from the charter.

Drop Off:
Drop offs will be before 10am at the drop off point. Should you wish to be dropped off later than this time, a levy will be applied of R3000.00 and the dropoff will be no later than 5pm.

Charter Dates:
Your charter dates issued to you are the nights you are on board.

Scheduled arrivals and collections will be from 10am on the date issued.
On the last night of your charter date the drop off will be before 10am in the morning the following day.

All air tickets booked will be booked on the start of the charter date given and return flights the day after (the following norning flying out) OR as otherwise advised by our booking office.

Boarding is from 10am, no earlier, on the day of the charter. Should you wish to leave at sunrise and board at first light or before, you will be levied with an early boarding fee of R3000.00 and it shall be no earlier than 5am.

Dining: We have qualified chefs onboard and we try provide you the best possible dining experience. Please make us aware of any special diets or allergies.

Diving: You are required to produce a current dive certificate or dive card. For all those diving at remote areas we must remind you we are not responsible for any injury or accident which might occur.  Equipment that is available on-board is Dive Compressor, Weights and Weight belts. We will cross hire equipment for you for your charter.

Duration: All charters to the Premeira's / Pantaloon, Quirimba's / Lazarus Banks and Madagascar are between 5 and 12 nights. 

Fishing: We are proud supporters of Tag and Release and adopt (We Care) for reefs and corals. Please note that with exception to fly-fishing, we target large GT’s, Tuna, Doggies. These are extreme GT fishing sites. We can offer 6 x 50LB Rods on our vessels.

Flights: Nowadays this can be done online by yourselves from the comfort of your home. We will tell you the airport to fly to. (See Charter Ports of Departure) This cost is not included in the package. We can assist you and add this to your package.

Fuel: Fuel is included in the charter for the boats - dinghys are only used for diving and 50l per charter is provided.

Hospitality: The vessel is skippered and crewed by very experienced sailors. They will look after you and your safety. They will advise you of the running of the vessel on your arrival.

Indemnity/Waiver Requirements: All guests will be required to sign an indemnity/waiver on boarding. Please be aware of the remoteness of some of the destinations we travel too, we are limited to no medical emergency support.

Insurance:It is recommended that you have travel insurance. It is recommended that all Divers are covered by DAN (Not Compulsory). Local services are very limited.

Itinerary: If you fly in we will meet you at the airport and transfer you directly to the boat or possibly ask you to stay in the hotel on arrival/Departure depending on the trip you have chosen. Our vessels will travel at 7 knots. This is a perfect comfortable sailing and trolling speed.

Medication: Please don't forget your medication. You must inform us of any injury and/or illness. Mozambique/Madagascar is a malaria area. If you are on the boat we won't have mosquitos at Sea. On shore long sleeved, light coloured clothing will offer protection from the sun as well as the mosquitoes. Bring insect repellent, sun screen and a hat. DAN O2 Kit / Oxygen (Limited) is available. General First Aid Equipment onboard is available.

Non Alcoholic Beverages: We supply 6 Cases Coke, 2 Cases Sprite, and 4 Cases Bottled Water for charters of 5 nights or more.

Packages: You get yourself to the desired collection points of the charters. This means you are welcome to drive or fly either by booking your own air tickets or bring your car. We will take care of all the arrangements thereafter or let us handle everything.

Payments: We accept a date secure retainer of 25% to confirm your charter followed by 3 payments during the course of the year. You are welcome to setup with our office a payment option monthly towards your charter to ease cash flow - please speak to the office. Full payment for the charter must be made one calendar month prior to the charter. We do cater for clients paying the trips on a monthly debit order, once the initial securing payment is made.

Power: 220volt Plug Points (SA TYPE) ON BOTH BOATS.

Safety: All safety equipment is provided on-board .

Sailing: The charter packages to remote off the chart locations are shared duty and this means we are now a team and will require shift duties on ocasions from yourselves dependant on weather and location.

Service: Island Adventure Charters are dedicated to making your stay as comfortable as possible. Mozambique can offer fantastic souvenir shopping en-route and ideal, protected sailing waters. We are dedicated to your needs and wish you a great Ocean Adventure  with tight lines, blue waters and clear skies.

Seasons: Our charter season is from MARCH to DEC. 

Skipper: Our skippers are very experienced. SAMSA and SA Sailing Certified.

Spear Fishing: Allowed at Lazarus Banks, San Sebastian, Bazaruto and the Premeira’s.

Tips: We are in the catering game so please don't forget to tip the skipper and Crew. They work very hard for you and a tip shows good reflection. All tips are shared among skipper and crew.

Transfers: We handle all collections from the airport and transfer you to our vessel. This is included in the charter costs.

VAT: We operate offshore and therefore no VAT is required. All prices quoted are subject to change.

Vehicles: If you drive we can assist you with parking. This is at an additional cost. Please contact our offices for additional information and costs.

Visa's (Non South African \ Mozambique Residents): The following information applies to Citizens and Nationals of ALL COUNTRIES, except citizens of the following countries: Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe as they do not require an entry visa, when traveling to Mozambique for Tourism. A valid visa is required to enter Mozambique.