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On-Board dining

We pride ourselves in offering most unbelievable dishes on board prepared by our master chef Captain Brent. What most persons don’t know is that Brent won an international award on his seafood Pasta. All food is locally resourced and dishes of Crayfish, prawns, chicken and steaks and of COARSE fresh fish are all on the menu. You will ask for more after you have tried and tasted our dishes including Brent’s fresh Sashimi we offer daily.  

Menu Plan!

Meals are served at the following times

Coffee/rusks - 4am to 5am
Breakfast - 9am
Lunch-1pm - 2pm
Dinner - 7pm

Coffee/Tea anytime-self service


We have eggs every day served as omelette/fried/scrambled/boiled. This is accompanied with toast, tomatoes, boerewors, pork sausage, fried onion, condiments

Fresh local fruit and juices are available


Fish Salads, Fresh Sashimi, Chicken Salad, Toasted sandwiches, finger dishes, pasta dishes, fresh fruit


Curry, braais (Barbeque), steak , pasta, chicken ,fish, seafood all accompanied with Rice or Chips and salad or baked potatoes and/or mash.

What if I have an allergy!

If you can’t eat garlic, spicy food or Seafood for example, simply contact Tracy at our office and let her know which group you are from and we shall inform Brent on-board.

What if we want to bring more meat, we like our meat!

If you want to change the menu plan to more of a meat menu just call Tracy. You are allowed in Mozambique and Madagascar to bring a cooler box with additional steaks or chops. Please note we are limited to the availability sometimes in the area, so if you want to just make sure you are most welcome to bring along with you.

Binging on snacks?

Most persons as soon as they go to Sea want to snack all the time. Items such as chocolate, sweets, biltong and chips we recommend you bring this along with you as we can’t supply!


On all our charters we supply you with the following

6 x cases of coke x 24 cans per case
2 x cases sprite x 24 cans per case
4 cases bottled water of 1,5l x 12 in a case
4 x Fresh juice x 1 litre

-If you want us to change the coke out for diet coke we shall gladly do so.

-All other drinks you have to pay for such as Soda, tonic, sugar free drinks. We will get it for you and pack it on-board the vessel but we charge a handling fee on the invoice of 25%. This can be paid to the captain on arrival in Rands or US Dollars.

-Spirits can be bought with you duty free from the airport, if you want large quantities we can arrange but we are limited to what is available in these remote areas. Tipo Tinto is hard to get in the northern Pemba area, please advise us early should you require this popular Rum. We shall deliver this to the vessel and charge the handling fee of 25%.

-Beer can be arranged in Mozambique it will be Manica or 2m beer and in Madagascar it is 3 horse or THB Beer in cans. We shall deliver this to the vessel and charge the handling fee of 25% for this service.

So what can I get in what area?


All fruit juices
Tomato cocktails
Lime juice
Most spirits and wines
Tonic, soda, coke, diet coke, morangoe, Fanta orange, sprite


All fruit juices, tonic and soda water and spirits need to be ordered in advance. Only beer, coke, rum  and water is available locally. We can plan your orders for you provided you have given us sufficient time before your charter of at least 3 months.

Do we have sufficient ICE!

We don’t use icemakers because they simply don’t produce enough and are very power hungry and can’t supply the demands. So we have an independent 90 litre Engel-12 deg deep freezer .We try keep 16 1,5 litre bottles of solid ice  for your ice needs which we refill daily. We start the charters off with our 110 litre dedicated drinks freezer filled with bags of crushed ice. Should you still be concerned we happy to work with you and collect another cooler box full of ice or fill one of the fish boxes with additional ice charged to you at 25% handling fee on the invoice provided.

Barbeque on Board

We have a gas braai (barbeque) on the boat, all guests are welcome to join in and become the Braai master of the trip.

Beach Barbeque

Absolutely we do beach braais, as and when we can dependant on the charter you have chosen. We supply blue-tooth sounds have a log fire going whilst our chef prepares fish/prawn brochette followed by steaks and roasted potatoes.

Does the vessel have cold facilities!

The yacht has 3 deep freezers and 1 dedicated fridge. A 220 litre deep freezer has been allocated to keep your drinks Ice cold. Your ice is in a 90 litre Engel deep freeze and we have a National luna -18 main deep freezer for meat and additional ice making.  

See you all on the water

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