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Let’s talk fishing

Lazarus Banks, Premeiras, Barren Islands, Nosy be, Castor Banks

The Dates we work in the following areas


Lazarus banks - March, April, Sept, Oct, Nov

Premeiras - June, July, August

Barren Islands - May, June

Nosy be - Dec, Jan, March, May, June

Castor banks - Jan, March, May, June

How to Plan!

The tackle suggested can be used on all our destinations we charter too. We will endeavour to place you all onto the fish, it’s up to you to catch the fish, come prepared. On local groups from SA a suggestion, there is no need for all persons to bring everything, share a tackle box or get a consignment tackle box from one of the tackle suppliers, items not used can be returned and most suppliers are happy to work with you.

Let’s talk fishing


Most the fish are lower down, we have techniques in finding the fish. Please ensure you bring some circle hooks of large size. With our new High powered Chirp fish-finder we find the shoaling baitfish and target large dogs, Gt’s, Marlin and Sailfish. Your jigging rods can also be used if you don’t want to use the 80lb stand-up gear, but ensure your reel is spooled with braid of 100lb with a min size reel of a 10’000 Stella or equivalent.


We have found poppers work better than Stick-baits due to the attraction of the noise you generate with big mouth Poppers. We have secrets as to how to locate and find them.  Don’t get any popper over 180gram, we prefer 130gram to 150 gram. Just the hooks and rings need to be changed as they are too light. If you are serious BKK hooks are the tops (or similar) and Barbless is the way size 6 O’ Please. 


This type of fishing has great rewards, in the areas we fish no heavier than 200 gram. We found that squid lead weight jigs and silver spoons work well for Bludger, Black Kingfish, Dogg’s and Gt’s. Buck-tail jigs are a must and assorted sizes never over 4oz.Flutter jigs must all be accompanied with good high abrasion leader. Sometimes we have to wire assist a few, so throw a few in and the bite traces need to be added.

Light tackle

35lb braid 9ft-10ft flick sticks. This is your drop shot arrangement or buck-tail rod. It’s highly recommended to bring with. We are fishing 15-35m deep. Lots of trevally, coral trout and Job-fish available but we need you to catch Bonnies and small live bait, so essential it’s got a backbone.


Marlin—2 coners assorted colours and elastic bands

Sailfsih-Teaser Bird, pink or white coners –We will bait the lure.

Spanish Mackerel-Spoons-buck-tail jigs.

Kingfish—Weighted squid jigs-drop shot-flutter jiggs

Gt’s-Big mouth coners -weighted squiddy jigs (10 each) - vertical jig 200 gram. Recommended Rapala Xplode/CID Poppers – green / black.  Halco – gold/green

Trevally-Dropshot-small silver spoons-

Reef fish-Baiting –live baiting traces-drop shot

Tuna, wahoo, dorado- Rapala x-rap size 30. Rapala C’D19 assorted colours x 5 each per angler. 

Small Silver spoons – Bonita spoons, we need live bait.

Leader and line and other -Look at the photos for guidance

-Line Braid 80lb-100lb for popper and jigging-Good pe line, smooth to the touch

-Small reels 35lb to 50lb braid

-Leader 50lb x 1, 80lb x 1, 120lb x 1, flouro carbon

-Wire –piano 50lb x 1, 80lb x 1 and 105lb x 1

-hooks for live-baiting 1 x set only circle (3) per angler

 -long nose pliers, swivels, marlin swivels and leader, 1 pair pliers for hook removal and 1 plier for ring application.

-NT swivels assorted.

-2 x marlin leaders

-Personal fishing buckets

-decent quality fish knife


-shoes, deck shoes or dive gear shoes

We supply

Trolling rods-we supply 6 x 50lb stand-up

Big marlin Gear 80lb we supply 2 x 80lb stand-up with extension butt for the marlin Chair.

All rods supplied with line. Anglers that loose the line need to supply the reels.

Things to remember

All rods please to have protected bottoms to look after the boats grp work. You may bring any tube with, we have storage space. All equipment must be brought in with soft bags-please. We do have spare Fishing buckets and each group must bring 2 reels of 50lb monofilament line fishing line to replace the breakages and losses on the trolling gear.  Please don’t forget good fishing shoes for the wet decks.


You must bring at least equivalent to Shimano 10,000-20,000 or Saltiga or Saragosa for popper and jigging work.  A 4000 to 8000 Shimano for light tackle spinning.


There is such a variety but in our experience this is what you must look out for.

Jigging Rods….Not too short-Large eyes suite Stellas and equivalent reels -long butts to fit comfortably under the arm pit with sufficient padding on the butt extension. Whilst in position your hand must fit comfortably on the reel and a medium range weight rod is always most suited. Try get a light rod, a solid fibreglass Rod is usually not practical.

Popper Rods….Rod Weight to a 150/180gram popper, no more, smooth Large eyes for leader travel, most rods depict the weighted tip action, too heavy rods leads to fatigue and incorrect popper action on your stroking. There are a number of brands…

The vessel fishing Area

7,5m wide catamaran 45ft in length
Aft modified fishing platform
Large diesel engines
Salt water rinse off
Fresh water rinse off shower
2 x fish boxes of 1,4m in length built in
We can troll up to speeds of 9knots
10 trolling rod holders
1 live-well
20 rack rod storage
Low aft platforms for easy fish handling
1 x marlin chair
2 x 80lb big game rods supplied with extension butt for chair
6 x 50lb mono on TlD 25 game tuna fishing rods supplied.

See you all on the water

Brent Craig, Island Charters, Pelagic