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We only accept EFT and Cash!

Charters can be booked 12-14 months in advance

First Payment - You will be required to Pay 25% of the full charter fee to secure your charter within 14 days of receiving our booking securing invoice or we will have no choice but to offer your slotting to the next available client.

2nd Payment - You will be required to pay 25% of the full charter fee 6-8 months prior to your charter.

3rd payment – You will be required to pay 25% of the full charter fee 3 months prior to boarding

4th Payment - Last Payment of 25% on boarding paid in cash.

It’s so easy, use your air-tickets, collect your travel allowance in USD$ (Mozambique)or Euros  € if you have booked a Madagascar Charter . Rate of exchange will be calculated on the day of the charter.


Should an agent be making the booking all 3 payments will be in the following order made via EFT.

1st Payment 35%-within 14 days

2nd Payment 35%-We will send a follow up payment usually half way from when you secured your charter

3rd Payment 30%-within 30 days of travel

Foreign Clients:

You will be provided a swift code for IBT (international Bank transfer)We do 3 payments to avoid high bank fees for both parties.

1st Payment 35%-within 14 days

2nd payment 35% - We will send a follow up payment usually half way from when you secured your charter

3rd Payment 30%-within 30 days of travel

Mozambique clients are welcome to Pay directly into our Mozambique account in local Metical, email Tracy

Payment options

We do allow your groups to pay off their charters from 12 months in advance in Monthly instalments offered to all South African clients.

After we have received a securing deposit of 25% the balance of the charter fee will be broken down by the number of guests joining the vessel over the balance of the period.


Mr Vermaak and 6 friends want to Fish Lazarus Banks
Charter costs R87’500
Total cost per person  R14,583.00
25% securing deposit Each individual  R3,645.83
6 monthly payments R1,215.25  by each individual
Last Payment in cash on board R3,645.83
Just reference your name and group you belong too to Tracy.

Settling Booze bill!

You will be invoiced separately to the charter fee, you can settle this before your charter via Eft or in cash, we prefer cash as we would have spend our cash helping you. Please settle this before the vessel departs.

Cancellation Policy

Deposit, Payment & Cancellation Policy

1)For all bookings the deposit is required within 14 days of making a reservation, unless a booking is made within 30 days prior to the scheduled date of arrival in which case full payment is required to secure the reservation.

2) Please note that a Reservation is not confirmed or secure until this deposit requirement has been met.  Island Adventure Charters reserves the right to automatically release any charters being held where the required deposits has not been received within the stated periods.

3) The final charter payment and the drinks bill must be paid in advance and in full on arrival.

4) Island Adventure Charters reserves the right to cancel the booking should payments not be received. If a booking is made less than 30 days prior to travel full payment is required via eft.

5) Our cancellation policy is applicable regardless of whether payments have or have not been received by Island Adventure Charters.

6)-All funds received are non-refundable. If you are cancelling we only have so many slots we can sell, if we have time to sell your slotting, you will be reimbursed less a handling administration fee of 10% of the full charter fee from the funds we have received from you.

7)-If you have not paid up at least 50% of the charter 1 month prior to sailing this charter will be cancelled and we will proceed to sell this charter date in lieu of funds lost.

8)- The vessel won’t sail if the full fee of the charter has not been settled in full including the drinks bill. All clients must ensure that they settle up their restaurant, bar bills and hotel accommodation on shore before boarding the vessel. Island Charters take no responsibility for any guests’ accounts on shore.

 9)-If we are unable to go to the requested destination due to actions beyond our control (i.e. weather), we will make alternative destinations available for your charter. The charter will still run.

10)-If we are unable to sail due to mechanical failure or for whatever unforeseen reason on our vessel beyond our control we reserve the right to reschedule your charter. We reserve the right to find a replacement vessel to undertake this charter on your charter dates. Ensure you have travel insurance.

11) Unforeseen shortening of your charters may occur at the remote locations we take you too. Reasons could be Adverse Weather, Sea conditions, Special Actions, Government Actions or for Reasons not mentioned. You will not get a refund but the Captain will redirect your charter to another suitable area for the remaining time of your charter.

12)  Should a medical emergency occur on board the Captain will return the vessel and participants to home port to get the medical assistance required. The Captain shall try to return the other Participants back to the charter destination if it is possible not time retrained. Due to the additional travel a fuel levy will be applied of $10 per nautical mile TRAVEL TOO AND FROM the charter destination .This must be settled in advance before sailing again. Should we not sail a reschedule of charter will be offered on a confirmed follow-up charter with a min of 3 nights booked. The Fuel levy will still be applicable on the new confirmed charter. 

13) Current travel date to 60 days prior to travel and you want to forfeit your position(Booking) the client must  find a replacement to take up his existing position .If you can’t find a replacement then the group need to Pay in and cover the losses of the  charter Fee. Failure to do so will result in charter cancellation and forfeit of all funds received.


In the unlikely event of cancellation or rescheduling of a booking, travel insurance is advised; please take note of our Cancellation Terms and Conditions. 


In the event of any flight delays or cancellations (our third party operators are governed by aviation regulatory authorities), Island Adventure Charters and Island Charters Limitada and Ille de Voyageurs, the vessel “Pelagic II” its directors, members, shareholders, employees, successors-in-Title or Assigns (all of whom are hereinafter referred to as Island Charters)  is in no way responsible for any loss whatsoever, sustained by you/your party. Please ensure adequate travel insurance is taken out to cover all such eventualities. We will be on standby for 2 days thereafter the charter will be cancelled. The time cannot be rescheduled; a new charter would have to be booked.

Risk Waiver

Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement/Waiver

You will be issued with a liability release on boarding .The Captain will give you a full safety briefing. The vessel will not sail until each participant has acknowledged he is completely aware of the risks and his signature is Proof thereof. These details will be send through to our offices before departing including a copy of the vessels guest log book and full participant details and next of kin.  

You the Participant are hereby informed of safe yachting, safe diving (scuba diving), skin diving, safe fishing and spearfishing practices. These activities all have inherent Risks and may result in serious injury or possibly be  life threatening .We travel the sea alone into the deep Ocean to very remote locations/reefs and Banks without any medical assistance whatsoever miles from land.

Island Adventure Charters and Island Charters Limitada and Ille de Voyageurs ,the vessel “Pelagic II” its directors, members, shareholders, employees, successors-in-Title or Assigns (all of whom are hereinafter referred to as Island Charters) shall not be liable or responsible for the actions of the  Participant .The Participant  shall waive and abandon all rights of action which may arise for any expense, loss, damage and/or for personal injury sustained by the participant as result of any past or future act or omission, whether intentional or negligent, breach or any other cause of whatsoever nature.