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Lazarus Banks, Premeiras, Nosy be, Castor Banks


We Care

We have a “we Care” attitude on- board to all the pelagic  fish, we salt the fish caught and donate to the local villages. Only trophy prize fish are targeted and no irresponsible shooting will be tolerated.

The Dates we work in the following areas


Lazarus banks - March, April, Sept, Oct, Nov
Premeiras - June, July, August

Nosy be - Dec, Jan, May, June
Castor banks - Dec, Jan, May, June

How to Plan!

We supply additional dive weights to save on weight regulations when you are flying in. We have a pump on-board for your floats. Please remember to bring additional towels, fins, masks wetsuits and of course additional spears and rash cream.


All dives will be watched by our experienced Captain. We have oxygen kit on-board and a full medical kit however we should never get to this. Guys we are in the big blue Ocean far from land and medical services.

The vessel platforms made for easy access

7,5m wide catamaran 45ft in length
Large diesel engines
Salt water rinse off
Chum buckets
Fresh water rinse off shower
2 x fish boxes of 1,4m in length built in
Low aft platforms for easy fish handling and access
We use the main vessel for all loading , should an additional rubber duck be requested we can arrange at an additional charge to the charter fee.
Some fish is prepared for each Spearo to take home if they are Local.

See you all on the water

Brent Craig, Island Charters, Pelagic