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Travelling to us!


How do we get there!


Nosy be and Castor Banks

SA Air link has a direct flight to Nosy Be from JNB international. We collect and Transfer.

Barren islands

Flights are with SAA to Antannarivo and domestic flights are via Air Madagascar to Morondava. Should you wish us to charter a private flight this is possible for the group, Let Tracy know you wish this

We also have a Hire car option from Antanna to Morondava the port of collection.


Lazarus Banks /Qurimbras

LAM Airlines via Maputo Or SA Air-link direct flight from JNB international to Pemba International Airport ,we collect and transfer.


Lam Airlines into Quelimani via Maputo, we collect and transfer

Collections and Transfers

We meet and greet at the Airports arrivals hall, keep a look out for us. All you need to do is provide us your flight details before departure which must tie up with your charter schedule Date Tracy has confirmed with you. If you arrive early then you are responsible for transfer or hotel arrangement’s. Boarding the vessel is stipulated on your charter schedule.

Do I need a visa?


All European ,Australian, American, basically all foreigners need to apply for a visa before arrival into Mozambique. SA passport holder’s do not need a visa.


Everyone requires a visa, this is paid in cash on arrival In Antanna or Nosy Be in Euros €40 per person.

What to Pack?

Check the expiry date in your passport, it must be valid for at least 3 months and you must have pages for Visa Stamps issued. Most importantly is to pack in soft bags. Don’t forget reading material, sunscreen, your personal medical , plugs 2 point or 3 pin plugs SA type (220v is supplied),2 towel’s, good fishing shoes ,cool clothing with a jacket for winter months.

Do I need Foreign Currency ?

Most places accept Visa Cards in Mozambique and Madagascar but we recommend that it is always best to bring cash along with you.  Mozambique the South African Rand is accepted and US$ dollars however in Madagascar you must bring Euros with you.

What about Malaria?

We do carry medical supplies against Malaria, however Caution must be taken by yourselves and please bring peace full sleep or tabard .We might encounter Mozzies in harbour and whilst onshore ,No mozzies out at Sea !!!


Please ensure you have thought of your personal medication, once at sea we are on our own. If you are diabetic and need insulin to be stored ask the ships captain to assist. We do carry local anaesthetic, some broad spectrum antibiotics, saline drips, sutures and can undertake general wounds, lances and hook removal. A personal Medical kit is advised between your group.

Waiting before boarding-disembarking

After we have met you at the Airport we transfer you to a hotel where our vessel is moored. We transfer your gear on-board , this usually takes us 45min so Bar drinks and Food is available at your cost, afterwards you all will be transferred and shortly setting Sail after the Safety briefing.

We arrive back in the morning as per your charter schedule. Transfers are directly back to the Airport from the vessel.


Guys the crew work hard to please you, please leave all gratuities with the Captain. We get asked, what is the norm. We work on 5% of the charter fee as a single tip by the group leader should they have done their job sufficiently in looking after your needs, this is Highly appreciated by the team on-board.

See you all on the water

Brent Craig, Island Charters, Pelagic